Indian Giver

June 30, 2006 at 12:46 pm (game, indian giver, internet, lie, misunderstanding, open soucre, real estate, realtor, Red Sox, truth, Uncategorized, wordpress)

There was no blog yesterday. There was steam coming out of my ears. After an appointment with a client from two miles from house I was planing on taking a nap. A well deserved nap. My girlfriend called me offering me to go to the Red Sox game. All I had was to drive through Boston to Newton to get the tickets  and then to my girlfriends apartment in Natick. Only a three hour journey. After I finally made it to Natick I put on my Red Sox shirt. I was pumped. Then the phone rang. It call from my girlfriend. My sister is going.

The mother then called me to explain. The mom explained their was a misunderstanding. Apparently my girlfriend has become senile. My girlfriend  must of thought ask “Phil if he wants to go” as  “Phil time is not valuable have the sucker pick up the tickets”. There is nothing like throwing someone under the bus. People should take responsibitly for their action. I can handle the truth. Not some lie.



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Flag Burning

June 28, 2006 at 12:58 pm (american, democrat, flag burning, militiary, open soucre, real estate, realtor, republican, solider, Uncategorized, us flag, wordpress)

My head must of been in the sand the last twenty eight years. Burning the U.S flag is legal.  More than a third of Senators (Republicans and Democrats) voted against banning the desecration of the US flag. They can agree on raises for themselves, out of control projects, and burning the flag should be legal.

A large percentage of flag burning is used incite violence in hopes of recognition their belief. Flag burners have even protested at soldiers funerals. Imagine some wacko showing up at a loved one funeral burning a flag just because they wanted to make a point. A point I do not understand. There’s is a time and place for everything. Just not  for flag burning.


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The Great Leader

June 27, 2006 at 1:36 pm (31 billion, bill and meilinda gates foundation, bill gates, charity, government, oracle of ohama, real estate, realtor, relatives, thirty one billion, Uncategorized, warren buffet, waste)

Driving into work this morning I heard on the radio Warren Buffet was giving away thirty seven  billion dollars,thirty one billion going directly to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Buffet considered one of the most successful investors of all time and has picked up the nickname of the “Oracle of Omaha” and has a fortune of forty four  billion. The majority of his money was donated to the Gates Foundation  to help ensure that lifesaving advances in health are created and shared with those who need them most. Most importantly all the money donated goes directly to helping people.                  

What surprised me the most of the announcement was peoples reaction. What about his relatives? They should sue him freeze up his assets because he must be senile. His relatives will be just fine splitting seven billion among fourteen people.  Five hundred million per person which generates twenty five million over every year at five percent. If he had given everything to his relatives the government would take half and waste a large percentage through beauracy.


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Love Calculator

June 26, 2006 at 1:11 pm (bar, cash bar, internet, love, love calculator, real estate, realtor, Uncategorized, wedding, wordpress)

With ten wedding between my girlfriend and I that we got  invited too decisions have to be made on which one to attend. An easy solution, whichever ones have an open bar and the best food. Food is difficult to rate if you have not tried it and it seems funny how open bar turns into cash bar after thirty minutes. A new method had to found, the love calculator. The Love Calculator is an affective way to get an impression of what the chances are on a relationship between two people.The highest five are the winners. The lowest five my wedding present will be a gift certificate to DR. Phil.

The best thing about the calculator is who should not of gotten married. My Dads first marriage only got an 18 percent. Maybe a little to much open bar for pops. His current wife have a score of an 82 percent. They should last long enough that when they want to get divorced they will be to scenile.


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June 23, 2006 at 1:53 pm (auction, Boston Redsox, charity, coffe, dog, real estate, realtor, starbucks, Uncategorized, yellow lab)

Four..three.three..two.. and the final number six. Those numbers represented the raffle ticket everyone in the room wish they had. A Grand prize of two thousand five hundred dollars. My girlfriend was crushed. An opportunity to get caught on bills and maybe enough spare change to get a coffee. Around the room people wanted a redo. Why? The guy that won was rich. It is easy to root against rich people when they take what you thought was yours.

There was a silent auction that had items from VIP tickets for multiple shows at the Bank of America Pavilion, Signed Curtis Martin Jersey, massages, Bath and Body Works gift basket among other items. My girlfriend persuaded me to make the highest bid of $95 for the Bath and Body Works gift. The auction was over and I broke out the check book and was going to pay the cashier. I was not the winner but this nice lady won. The lady had a smart husband who was furious he spent $100 for soap.  My girlfriend gave me look. The look of my yellow lab. Next thing I knew I have $105 in soap.


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June 22, 2006 at 11:55 am (barry bonds, boston, Boston Redsox, cancer, internet, massachusetts, Pan Mass Challange, PMC, real estate, realtor, Uncategorized)

My friend Jen Morrison called me from her car last night to bring down her sodas that she had left in the office fridge. Not a task I like because I would have to walk twenty yards to the fridge then go down two flights of stairs. As I handed over the two twenty four ounce cans I noticed they were not sodas  but a rather a liquid meal with 2000 mg of caffeine with 51 grams of protein. Enough energy to keep an elephants up for a week. Maybe she was going to a Barry Bonds party. No the drinks were for her grandmother who was fatally ill with throat cancer. I felt awful but almost started to laugh because she was wearing a funny bike outfit.

Jen was training for the Pan Mass Challenge. A two day 192 mile bike ride across Massachusetts,starting in Sturbridge and ending in Provincetown. The goal to bring awareness and hopefully a cure for cancer. Last year alone it raised 23 million dollars with 99% of the money going directly to research. Cancer the second leading killer is America has almost directly affected all family's. Today I am asking everyone to not super size the extra value meal and donate just $1.


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9th Grade Picture

June 21, 2006 at 1:49 pm (9th grade picture, ashton kutcher, dog, george clooney, internet, myspace,, real estate, realtor, tom, Uncategorized)

Personally I wanted to thank all of my viewers 500 plus per day and growing everyday.  You have been positive, supportive and helpful. However, there is always one bad apple in the crowd.  My favorite response left on myspace blog "Does your girlfriend know what you look like in your freshman year class picture?" No but I want to keep it that way. I stood about five two and one hundred and five pounds. Reminds you of George Clooney. Maybe Ashton Kutcher. The only thing funnier than my 9th grade picture is her current picture. Her only two friends on her dog which doesn't count because dogs do not add themselves and Tom the creator of myspace. Tom is everyone friend. He may want to reconsider because she may post his 9th grade picture.


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My Brother Jason

June 20, 2006 at 1:31 pm (cingular, dallas cowboys, divorce, internet, myspace,, Uncategorized, verizon, wordpress)

My brother Jason made a confession to me last week. He jumped at the opportunity to start an Internet company because he wanted to spend more time with me. I asked him to become part of the company because of his ingenious creativity, strong dedication, and sleek writing( This by the way was during the mourning week of my grandma Magda. That made me start to think. I thought and thought about the past. There was a seven year span the last last two years of high school and five years of college  were my brother and I did not spend much time together.  This could be blamed on my parents divorce , myself living in different states, or Jason being a Dallas Cowboys fan. Since the inception of the company last September we had countless meeting, traded over 1,000 plus emails, and made verizon bill go through the roof (he refuses to give up Cingular). This time together made me realize nothing is more important than family.


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June 19, 2006 at 1:07 pm (internet, myspace,, nascar, paris hilton, real estate, realtor, sister, Uncategorized)

After a weekend of getting burned at the beach I passed out in the car on the ride home. Wearing SPF 4 and passing out on the beach the first time out is not smart. I was woken by my phone ringing crazy. An unidentified caller. Usually a telemarkter or even worse someone you know that blocked their number that you really did not want to talk to. "What the hell? I hate you? I am not your sister anymore." Dalia Ganz was one very unhappy 23 year old. The words come on the heels as one of my employees thought it was a good idea to add every one of my sister's friends to my profile from  His goal was to build up my network on Intentions were good, but perhaps we should have talked to my sister.

Hungry. Very Hungry. This usually describes the appetitie an animal in the dead of winter who has not eaten in a month. This animal is my favorite employee who decided to move to North Carolina because Nascar and wife beaters had a nice ring to it.  His only project is to make me friends on  After three hours and countless tries we have over 150 friends including Paris Hilton, a basketball player, and countless rappers.


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Ethical Decision

June 16, 2006 at 2:43 am (boston, ethical, internet, real estate, realtor, Uncategorized, waitress)

The little black binder.  Not the book with all the missing naughty cell phone numbers. The one that the waitress placed my credit card with the check inside. I hate opening it because it is always more than I originally thought. Its easy to miscalculate especially after the third beer. Then I just seem to be figuring everything at a 40% discount. However, as I opened the binder the bill read $40.12 not bad for dinner for four at an upscale restaurant in Boston. Problem was  I was not Addison Silverman and it was not my check. It was my turn to pay for the group which we regularly go out. How lucky my friends thought. Everyone wanted to me to sign and go. Not me.  I got the waitress and gave me the correct bill. Only $135.78. The difference was an easy night sleep.


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