June 14, 2006 at 1:53 am (grey hair, internet, just for men, real estate, realtor, supercut, Uncategorized)

Physical appearance has an impact on the way you are treated. As as successful 28 year old business man I try to make sure I look my best every day.  My girlfriend has noticed all of my gray hairs which I try to hide by keeping my hair short. My explanation to her is for every one gray hair represents one dollar I have spent on her. Six months into our relationship, there is not a man on earth that could make that ratio work. Recently I visited her at her day care center for pre-k. The kids asked is this your dad? It is time for another haircut.

-Phil  super cut



  1. charles said,

    Your blog rocks!!!!!!

  2. darwindating said,

    two can play that game 🙂

  3. Anna Davies said,

    Google is the best search engine

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