Off To India

June 14, 2006 at 11:20 pm (american, call center, India, internet, real estate, realtor, Uncategorized)

Last night I was relaxingat my friends house and a roommate was packing what it seemed to be for a safari. Five suitcases and her whole family helping her pack. It was not for a safari but rather she was off to train a call center of people in India for three weeks. What she does not realize is she helping the people that will replace herself. She might as apply for her India citizenshipif she wants to continue to work for her company. The loss of American jobs oversees is growing at an alarming rate. Certain company's advertise immediate customer satisfaction with the ability to speak to a live person right away. It is a live person directly from India sitting in a call center packed tighter than a can of saradines. I am not concerned with the people of India rather than Americans. Actually I am also worried how my friends roommate will pay her rent.




  1. Steven said,

    I went to India to train my ‘replacements’ a year ago, and I still have my job, in a different department of the same company. Just because her company is opening another center doesn’t mean jack.

    And 5 suitcases, you have to be kidding. Have fun with Customs, they are gonna make you pay for that.

  2. realestateceo said,

    Hi Steve,

    Juat because you have your job today does not mean you will have your job tommorow. One of my favorite links are or google "lost jobs to India." Also please read about the working conditions in India.

    As you know women have a tendancy to slightly pack more than men. This girl has enough clothes not only for her two closets in her romm but a double closet in the living room.


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