Ethical Decision

June 16, 2006 at 2:43 am (boston, ethical, internet, real estate, realtor, Uncategorized, waitress)

The little black binder.  Not the book with all the missing naughty cell phone numbers. The one that the waitress placed my credit card with the check inside. I hate opening it because it is always more than I originally thought. Its easy to miscalculate especially after the third beer. Then I just seem to be figuring everything at a 40% discount. However, as I opened the binder the bill read $40.12 not bad for dinner for four at an upscale restaurant in Boston. Problem was  I was not Addison Silverman and it was not my check. It was my turn to pay for the group which we regularly go out. How lucky my friends thought. Everyone wanted to me to sign and go. Not me.  I got the waitress and gave me the correct bill. Only $135.78. The difference was an easy night sleep.




  1. All the profound thoughts, brilliant observations, and witty one liners I can come up with after a looong day. said,

    […] Re: So yesterday at the Grafton St Restaurant and Bar the waitress at the end of the meal gives my brother a bill for 40.12. Four people ate and this wasnt McDonald's so it became quite clear to everyone the good fortune that had befallen upon us by having a very near sighted or confused server. In a very rare twist of fate, my brother Phil exercised moral proclivity and alerted the waitress to her error. This being said I championed paying the 40.12 and leaving. The way I see it, its a very posh restaurant, fortune shined upon us anddont look a gift horse in the mouth. The irony of Phil and I being on opposite sides of an ethical delima with Phil being on the side of the just is not lost upon me. It would be like Bush telling Ralph Nader to ease up on the Alaska oil drilling Ralph was doing in his spare time. Note: I spend my days helping elderly folk with schizophrenia feel good about themselves, while Phil lines his pockets with the despair of impoverisheddebtees he gives "helpful" loans to. […]

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