July 5, 2006 at 12:55 pm (complaint, credit card, EBay, internet, power seller, real estate, realtor, system, Uncategorized, wordpress)

“Wow what a great deal we should buy this,” the words from Ted our project manager about the server for sale on EBay. This server was worth six times for what the “Power Seller” was asking for it. A deal we could not refuse. Buying on-line can be a scary thing especially if the person your buying from does not have a direct name, address, and telephone number. I whipped out the credit card put faith in the system and yet have to receive my item even though the item was paid for on June 22, 2006.

I have filed a complaint with EBay and am waiting to hear back from the seller which he has ten days to respond. That’s a long time to come up with a creative excuse. EBay’s protection policy is not adequate because you only get a fraction of what you paid. Today begins a new day. A day which I walk into a store , meet a real sales person, and buy a server that exists.




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