Los Angeles

July 13, 2006 at 1:17 pm (angelina jolie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, california, disneyland, internet, liberal, Los Angeles, Ohio Wesleyan, real estate, realtor, relatives, traffic, Uncategorized, wordpress)

I have just placed a bet with my sister Dalia who lives in Los Angeles California. She predicted My dad, mom, brother, and me would move out to LA before all my hairs would turn gray. Expecting to win this bet in the next year will be difficult. Thinking about LA gives me images of warm weather, beaches, beautiful people, and traffic.

What my sister enlightened me on is the real reason why I should relocate. The people are just like me, funny, good looking, smart and did not go to a great college. She promised me employers would not hold it against me that I went Ohio Wesleyan, a small liberal arts school in Ohio. Maybe this explains how Arnold Schwarzenegger is Governor.  Their is also a magical place that only can be found in LA. It is not Disneyland but an opportunity to make more money. It sounds tempting but I will pass.




  1. Dalia said,

    Why pass on LA? Seriously, the only thing we don’t have here is the Red Sox. However, we DO have Sonny Mclean’s the Boston bar where the Red Sox players go after they play the Angels. So you are more likely to meet Ortiz in Cali than you are in Boston.

    I also have to say that living in sunshine is unbeatable! While you are driving through slush, I am frolicking in the sand!

    Come to LA and live like the guys of Entourage. I see them out-and-about around town. They look happy! Jeremy is a shrimp and even he gets flocks of girls! haha.

  2. Mazol TOV said,


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  3. Chris Rogers said,

    Google is the best search engine

  4. AZ said,

    Cant agree more with Chris.. Google really impressed me !

  5. griffithpetersen34 said,

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