July 12, 2006 at 12:56 pm (american, boston, c class, cheap, check, class, discount, EBay, house, internet, ironic symbol, mercedes, owners, real estate, realtor, square footage, Uncategorized, wordpress)

Blogs were not posted on Monday and Tuesday, I was busy playing a game. The game is called I am embarrassed to be driving a C- Class Mercedes. The C Class Mercedes is introductory model. In a two day span I counted nine C-Class Mercedes without the metallitic C symbol on the back of the car. Mercedes put it on the car when it was built but mysteriously disappeared.  The owners are hoping somebody on EBay will sell them a symbol that makes them look like they paid more for the car than they actually did.  Everyone knows the C stands for cheap but it is expensive with the basic model with no extras starting at $33,725.

The owner of a C Class Mercedes does not like the word sale, bargain, outlet, or special. Those words are scary. Their house is in  best location with the smallest square footage. Job title is more important than job pay. Ironic because they need extra money to afford their symbol.



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Flag Burning

June 28, 2006 at 12:58 pm (american, democrat, flag burning, militiary, open soucre, real estate, realtor, republican, solider, Uncategorized, us flag, wordpress)

My head must of been in the sand the last twenty eight years. Burning the U.S flag is legal.  More than a third of Senators (Republicans and Democrats) voted against banning the desecration of the US flag. They can agree on raises for themselves, out of control projects, and burning the flag should be legal.

A large percentage of flag burning is used incite violence in hopes of recognition their belief. Flag burners have even protested at soldiers funerals. Imagine some wacko showing up at a loved one funeral burning a flag just because they wanted to make a point. A point I do not understand. There’s is a time and place for everything. Just not  for flag burning.


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Off To India

June 14, 2006 at 11:20 pm (american, call center, India, internet, real estate, realtor, Uncategorized)

Last night I was relaxingat my friends house and a roommate was packing what it seemed to be for a safari. Five suitcases and her whole family helping her pack. It was not for a safari but rather she was off to train a call center of people in India for three weeks. What she does not realize is she helping the people that will replace herself. She might as apply for her India citizenshipif she wants to continue to work for her company. The loss of American jobs oversees is growing at an alarming rate. Certain company's advertise immediate customer satisfaction with the ability to speak to a live person right away. It is a live person directly from India sitting in a call center packed tighter than a can of saradines. I am not concerned with the people of India rather than Americans. Actually I am also worried how my friends roommate will pay her rent.


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