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Blogs were not posted on Monday and Tuesday, I was busy playing a game. The game is called I am embarrassed to be driving a C- Class Mercedes. The C Class Mercedes is introductory model. In a two day span I counted nine C-Class Mercedes without the metallitic C symbol on the back of the car. Mercedes put it on the car when it was built but mysteriously disappeared.  The owners are hoping somebody on EBay will sell them a symbol that makes them look like they paid more for the car than they actually did.  Everyone knows the C stands for cheap but it is expensive with the basic model with no extras starting at $33,725.

The owner of a C Class Mercedes does not like the word sale, bargain, outlet, or special. Those words are scary. Their house is in  best location with the smallest square footage. Job title is more important than job pay. Ironic because they need extra money to afford their symbol.



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Bounced Check

June 13, 2006 at 1:32 pm (bank, check, equity line, internet, real estate, realtor, Uncategorized)

I noticed in my mailbox seven thin letters from my credit union. Thin letters are never good, they remind me of all my rejectionsfrom colleges, jobs, and birthday cards with no cash. I opened all the letters and they said I bounced all my checks. I went to the credit union and they explained that I had plenty of money in my savings account but the checks were from my equity line.  It is ironic they call it an equity line in today's market because I have no equity.  They should call it a debt line. They have a special program called 115% financing and they do not even know it.


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