June 23, 2006 at 1:53 pm (auction, Boston Redsox, charity, coffe, dog, real estate, realtor, starbucks, Uncategorized, yellow lab)

Four..three.three..two.. and the final number six. Those numbers represented the raffle ticket everyone in the room wish they had. A Grand prize of two thousand five hundred dollars. My girlfriend was crushed. An opportunity to get caught on bills and maybe enough spare change to get a coffee. Around the room people wanted a redo. Why? The guy that won was rich. It is easy to root against rich people when they take what you thought was yours.

There was a silent auction that had items from VIP tickets for multiple shows at the Bank of America Pavilion, Signed Curtis Martin Jersey, massages, Bath and Body Works gift basket among other items. My girlfriend persuaded me to make the highest bid of $95 for the Bath and Body Works gift. The auction was over and I broke out the check book and was going to pay the cashier. I was not the winner but this nice lady won. The lady had a smart husband who was furious he spent $100 for soap.  My girlfriend gave me look. The look of my yellow lab. Next thing I knew I have $105 in soap.



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9th Grade Picture

June 21, 2006 at 1:49 pm (9th grade picture, ashton kutcher, dog, george clooney, internet, myspace,, real estate, realtor, tom, Uncategorized)

Personally I wanted to thank all of my viewers 500 plus per day and growing everyday.  You have been positive, supportive and helpful. However, there is always one bad apple in the crowd.  My favorite response left on myspace blog "Does your girlfriend know what you look like in your freshman year class picture?" No but I want to keep it that way. I stood about five two and one hundred and five pounds. Reminds you of George Clooney. Maybe Ashton Kutcher. The only thing funnier than my 9th grade picture is her current picture. Her only two friends on her dog which doesn't count because dogs do not add themselves and Tom the creator of myspace. Tom is everyone friend. He may want to reconsider because she may post his 9th grade picture.


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