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My friend Jen Morrison called me from her car last night to bring down her sodas that she had left in the office fridge. Not a task I like because I would have to walk twenty yards to the fridge then go down two flights of stairs. As I handed over the two twenty four ounce cans I noticed they were not sodas  but a rather a liquid meal with 2000 mg of caffeine with 51 grams of protein. Enough energy to keep an elephants up for a week. Maybe she was going to a Barry Bonds party. No the drinks were for her grandmother who was fatally ill with throat cancer. I felt awful but almost started to laugh because she was wearing a funny bike outfit.

Jen was training for the Pan Mass Challenge. A two day 192 mile bike ride across Massachusetts,starting in Sturbridge and ending in Provincetown. The goal to bring awareness and hopefully a cure for cancer. Last year alone it raised 23 million dollars with 99% of the money going directly to research. Cancer the second leading killer is America has almost directly affected all family's. Today I am asking everyone to not super size the extra value meal and donate just $1.



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Bad Idea

June 13, 2006 at 1:40 pm (condo, honda civic, internet, massachusetts, real estate, realtor, revere, Uncategorized)

I attended a party last night at the Ritz Carlton celebrating the development 288 south beach style condos ( 60 percent glass, 40 percent white) on Revere Beach, MA. The prices ranges from 500k to a million plus with your car insurance going up the same. The developer was also trying to sell me a fifty thousand Honda Civic  but I was not interested.  He has the right idea have no food and serve only one drink all vodka with a splash of blue fruit punch that would get you so drunk after your second you swear you wear in South Beach. The evening was capped off with me getting accusedof stealing an extra towel. I can not blame they they thought it was Revere.


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