Los Angeles

July 13, 2006 at 1:17 pm (angelina jolie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, california, disneyland, internet, liberal, Los Angeles, Ohio Wesleyan, real estate, realtor, relatives, traffic, Uncategorized, wordpress)

I have just placed a bet with my sister Dalia who lives in Los Angeles California. She predicted My dad, mom, brother, and me would move out to LA before all my hairs would turn gray. Expecting to win this bet in the next year will be difficult. Thinking about LA gives me images of warm weather, beaches, beautiful people, and traffic.

What my sister enlightened me on is the real reason why I should relocate. The people are just like me, funny, good looking, smart and did not go to a great college. She promised me employers would not hold it against me that I went Ohio Wesleyan, a small liberal arts school in Ohio. Maybe this explains how Arnold Schwarzenegger is Governor.  Their is also a magical place that only can be found in LA. It is not Disneyland but an opportunity to make more money. It sounds tempting but I will pass.



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July 6, 2006 at 12:54 pm (crumbled, dinosauer, drinking, drugs, evite, Family, Friends, gambling, guilt, love, real estate, realtor, reflection, relatives, Uncategorized, wordpress)

The fourth of July weekend has been a perfect time for me to reflect about friends and family.  I spent a large majority of the time thinking  about the great relationships I have and how lucky I am. Realizing some my friends i have known for twenty plus years makes me feel old.  At my small gathering this weekend I noticed there was a couple people missing. They relationships that I had for so long had crumbled.

In life you can either go forward or backward, nuetral is never an option. Thanks to poor decisions of gambling, drinking, and drugs some people have been erased. They maybe still roaming the earth just not in my life. Guilt crosses my mind. Maybe I could of done something to help them. They always make it seems it was the circumstance that put them in this situation or it was somebody elses fault. They only person they can blame is themselves.


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The Great Leader

June 27, 2006 at 1:36 pm (31 billion, bill and meilinda gates foundation, bill gates, charity, government, oracle of ohama, real estate, realtor, relatives, thirty one billion, Uncategorized, warren buffet, waste)

Driving into work this morning I heard on the radio Warren Buffet was giving away thirty seven  billion dollars,thirty one billion going directly to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Buffet considered one of the most successful investors of all time and has picked up the nickname of the “Oracle of Omaha” and has a fortune of forty four  billion. The majority of his money was donated to the Gates Foundation  to help ensure that lifesaving advances in health are created and shared with those who need them most. Most importantly all the money donated goes directly to helping people.                  

What surprised me the most of the announcement was peoples reaction. What about his relatives? They should sue him freeze up his assets because he must be senile. His relatives will be just fine splitting seven billion among fourteen people.  Five hundred million per person which generates twenty five million over every year at five percent. If he had given everything to his relatives the government would take half and waste a large percentage through beauracy.


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